i was broke
i was single
it was winter

melancholy in white is an intimate look at memory and loss using various techniques to process images which posess strong metaphoric symbols. having photographed with a 6x6 twin lens reflex camera, i scanned the negatives and printed low quality ‘working prints’ which i carried with me to show to people. as these prints, bubble jet on copy paper, became dog-eared and worn, they aquired meaning themselves as part of the
process of healing and the distancing of ones self from the paniful associations of a broken relationship. these paper prints i then re-scanned in high resolution creating a topological image of the prints i had carried with me for months. the resulting effect is that the grime and creases on the surface of the paper is crystal clear, as are the large and imprecise dots of the bubble jet printer- the closer the viewer comes to the image, the less there is to
recognise of the original image, thus forcing a distance between the viewer and the original photographic impulse